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Bedford dental technology

Here at Bedford South Dentistry, we believe in using top-quality dental technology


The changes in dental technology have been nothing short of incredible over the past decade, and we’re passionate about keeping up with each new development.

Our team at Bedford South Dentistry is trained to use the following state-of-the-art technology during each appointment, as required ...

Panoramic digital X-rays

Panoramic digital X-rays give both the dentist and the patient a complete picture of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. The images are instantly available on a computer screen, and enable us to have a better look at your teeth. It also keeps you safer, because you’re exposed to less radiation than with traditional X-rays.

Intraoral cameras

Available here at Bedford South Dentistry, these special intraoral cameras give us an up-close and personal look at your teeth and gums. We will display the photos instantly on our screens so you can see everything while you’re still sitting in the chair.

3D CT scans

The cutting-edge technology behind these three-dimensional CT scans allows us to view and measure any part of your head and neck -- including your teeth, roots, nerves and sinuses. These 3D CT scans help us gain perspective in dental implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) analysis cases.


It looks like a simple ballpoint pen at first glance, but the CariVu is a device that detects cavities. This little gadget has an infrared light that makes the enamel of your tooth appear translucent -- and shows any areas of decay. These black-and-white images look similar to an X-ray, and they’re very helpful for us when determining if an area of your tooth needs monitoring or immediate treatment.

Diagnodent pen

Our patients are always interested in the Diagnodent pen -- which looks like a standard thermometer, but is actually a hand-held laser. It’s a highly accurate way for us to detect cavities -- even when they’re way below the surface -- and pinpoint their exact location.